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February 8, 2018
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Media channels

IMC Plan Pt. 2

Part 2 (PP Slides) includes the following topics:
11. Overall message design strategy

12. Message content

13. Message structure

14. Message format/executional format

15. Media channels (most likely will need a combination of personal and non-personal communication channels)

16. Message source

17. Feedback metrics associated with marketing communications objectives in part 1

Below you can find a guide for the above topics. The table breaks down what each topic should include:

PART 2 is a general strategic overview of the creative, message, and media strategies that you want used, by your internal and external marketing and advertising

staffs, to achieve the three communications objectives for the upcoming year. In addition, you were asked to identify when and what feedback tools (metrics) should be

used to determine if the communications objectives are reached. It also serves as the overall directive for the more tactical Part 3 of your plan.

Overall message design strategy needed to create:
A creative brief for communicating the product to its target audiences (needed to include objective for the ad campaign/ad, the target audience, the message theme,

support facts for the theme, plus URL to use & any disclaimer or constraints).
Needed to identify the relevant product information for the ad copy.
Needed to identify how the product���s tag line and logo should be used (graphics for logo can be put in Exhibits section of plan.)
The URL & the disclaimer copy to be used.
0 – 4

Message content-to earn full points, you needed to provide relevant product information required in the ad copy If there are special product areas that you want

emphasized, state it. Indicate the major appeal you think should be used (fear, humor, sex, music, rational, emotions, scarcity) for the most effective outcome.
0 – 3

Message structure: you needed to identify how you���d like the creative people to: 1. handle the conclusion, 2. whether you recommend a one or two-sided argument, 3.

Present the strongest argument first or last, etc.
0 – 3

Message format-you needed to identify 2 elements of the message that make your product advertising unique.
Executional Format: should there be a special spokesperson, a special music theme, unique color (ex. Target red bullseye, Tiffany baby blue, UPS brown, etc).
Also the message format needed to be identified, ex. 30 or 60 TV or radio spot, full page ad, the search words to use in online, etc.
0 – 3

Media channels-in this section you need to identify:
whether personal or non-personal communications channels or both should be used & why,
Use traditional, non-traditional or both, 3.ID what media mix you want used, etc.
0 – 3

Message source- this section you identify what type of spokesperson (athlete, doctor, movie star, etc.) should be used and why���the same thing if you want a very

identifiable voice, specify it.
0 – 2

Feedback metrics- this section need to identify external and internal metrics that will be used to:
measure the message designs that you have control over, not sales, profit, etc.
what messages are using a specific URL,& how you will track the ���hits��� you get on that URL,
ID timing of research, pre or post or both etc.
0 – 3

Ability to communicate concisely in PP presentation. Recommended revisions to part 1. Title slide but no Exec Summary yet. Table of Contents & Bibliography Parts 1& 2.

No typos or grammatical errors. Correct use and citation of external sources. Submitted on time.
0 – 4

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