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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

MGMT 2203-202 Leadership and Ethics

Suggested Final Project Topics
Instructions: Below please find a list of suggested topics
for the MGMT 2203 F inal Project. You may choose a
topic from this list, but only one student in the class can
present a final presentation on a specific topic. Students
must post their final presentation topics online in the forum
designated for final presentation topics. Students must also
obtain the professor s approval for all chosen final
presentation topics.

1. Is corporate social responsibility important for modern

2. Focus on companies that might be destroying the
environment. A lot of companies in that work in
China contribute to the emissions problem as it relates
to natural gas in the environment. Should these
companies be penalized for damaging the
environment Should these companies have to pay a
fee if the do not use environmentally friendly

3. Should laws be implemented to ensure that companies
are diverse in their hiring practices

4. Are companies who only hire people of a certain race
employing fair hiring practices

5. What are the arguments for and against raising the
minimum wage for workers in America Should we
raise the minimum wage in light of these arguments

6. Summarize the laws that protect whistleblowers in the
workplace. Why is there a need for protection for
employees who blow the whistle on their employer s
illegal or unethical behavior

7. How has the Sarbanes-Oxley Act changed Corporate
America Describe the benefits and drawbacks of the

8. How does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act promote the
improvement of organizational ethics

9. Summarize the Pew Research Study on America s
perceptions about women s ability to lead companies.

Discuss the reasons that so few women are CEOs in
Cooperate America.

10. Business Insider reported in 2014, that a Sony female
executive makes nearly $1 Million less than her male
counterpart. Research this phenomenon and explain
why Sony and other companies should pay men and

Students may select any topic of their choice for the final project as long as the selected topic is within the scope of the subject matter of the course. A list of possible topics will be made available to students before the midterm period. Final projects are due on or before the last day of class. This due date cannot be extended in order to allow the professor ample time to grade all assignments and submit final grades for all students. Early submissions are allowed.

Students should begin thinking about potential final project topics as soon as the course begins because the presentation can cover any topic that is related to the subject matter of the course. The final project is the only ongoing assignment that students must work on throughout the course. The final project must consist of a written paper and an accompanying PowerPoint summary and bibliography. The written paper must be between eight (8) and ten (10) pages in length and contain a bibliography page that is not part of the eight (8) to ten (10) page requirement. The PowerPoint summary must contain eight (8) to ten (10) slides and a bibliography page that is not part of the eight (8) to ten (10) slide requirement.

Students must provide bibliographies containing all sources used in the preparation of the paper and presentation, and the bibliography must be included in the PowerPoint summary and paper. The PowerPoint summary can be very brief, entailing topical outlines and visual aids that add to the reader s comprehension of the key points of the written paper topic. The bibliography must contain at least three (3) substantial sources. Wikipedia pages, internet blogs, and similar internet web sites are prohibited; however, students are permitted to consult these sources as supplemental sources for the final project as long as these sources are not the primary sources consulted for the final project and are not listed in the bibliography.


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