June 21, 2017
Describe a reward structure that is different from those discussed in course readings. Do you believe this reward structure was successful? Why or why not? How could it have been more successful? What are the positive and negative aspects of reward structures on the opposite ends of the regulation spectrum?
June 21, 2017

Multicultural Marketing in America

Point of View Papaers:
As a meas of extending course knoledge beyond content presented int he readings and deeping your knowledge of carious subcultures, students are required to prepare an informative point of view paper on any teo of the folowing segments of the US multicultural lanscape.
Hispanic/Latiinos in the US
African Americans
Asian Americans
Gay or bi-sexual Americans
Mature Americans
You are expected to jprocide an informed persepective on each market segment, particulary as it relates to marketing to multicultural America. Each POV paper must address at a minimum:
1. Currently available statistics and information about the selected group/culture
2.What are segments within this grjoup/culture? Waht are the implications of these segments of marketing?
3. What are tastes and preferences, insights that drive and characterize many members of this group/culture?
4. What has recentlytypically been done to market to this group/cultural?
5. What are interesting marketing communication questions or topics that have not been addressed in targeting this group/culture?
Each paper should provide citations and a list of sources for your findings;length for each should be 6-8 pages.


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