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June 21, 2017
English L Exa 1
June 21, 2017

Nonverbal Messages Unit 3 Discussion: Nonverbal Messages 6969 unread replies.101101 replies. We communicate with others throughout our lives; at home, work, or in any other type of relationship that we have with others. One of the most common communication issues we face is the degree to which a person's verbal messages match their nonverbal messages. In Unit 2 we covered verbal messages. However, there are several different types of nonverbal behaviors to monitor as well. These include (but are not necessarily limited to): Facial expressions Gestures Body language/posture Haptics (touch) Proxemics (space or distance) Keeping these or other types of nonverbals in mind, think of a situation from your own experience in which you were interacting with someone and they sent you a verbal message that was inconsistent with the nonverbal message. When you have your example in mind, describe the following information in your initial post: Describe the context of the situation. Who was the other person? What was the communication about? What was the verbal message that they sent, and what nonverbals did they send that were inconsistent with the verbal message? How did you interpret and react to this interaction? What was the outcome of the situation? Were your goals and their goals met? Be sure to offer enough detail so that others can follow your example and respond accordingly.

Clear Workplace Communication
Unit 3 Written Assignment
Clear workplace communication is critical to accomplishing the tasks associated with your job. However, other aspects of communication that affect your work life may
be unrelated to the task at hand. How you communicate with your colleagues, customers, and clients can affect whether conflicts arise between you. Your communication
style can help you achieve leadership roles, or, on the negative side, prevent you from receiving raises or promotions.
Locate an article in the online library or on the Internet related to improving workplace communication, preferably in your field of study and provide the following:
Provide the appropriate APA reference entry.
Discuss at least five tips that you found to be most valuable or interesting from the article. Why is tip valuable? Why is it interesting? (Please do not simply list
the tips, be sure to discuss them!)
Explain how you would apply this information in your field or future career.


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