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February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

notable icons or indexes present?

notable icons or indexes present
Chose one of story that you find interesting.
Write a detailed paper analyzing the story in terms of the following semiotic concepts that we have covered in class this semester. This is also due 4.20. Please answer the following:

*Are there notable icons or indexes present

*Are there non-literal ways of meaning expressed in the narrative

*Are any of the following conceptual structures present in the narrative:

**Truth and Falsity

**Sameness and Difference

**Wholes and Parts

**Subjectivity and Objectivity

**Appearance and Reality

**Continuity and Discontinuity

**Sense and Reference

**Meaningfulness and Meaninglessness

**Problem and Solution

*If an image accompanies the article, are any of visual structures described in chapter 3 of the HALL textbook used in a significant way

*Does the narrative rely on, or allude to, any of the following meaning-framing elements:








*Does the narrative invoke or contain any of the following storytelling devices:


**Characters and/or Personas

**Critical viewpoints



**Turning Points


*Do unofficial languages play a role in the story If so, what are they, what community uses the language, and what are some of the important features and rules of this language

*Does the Transient/Rubbish/Durable economic cycle appear in this narrative in any way If so, how


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