Evaluate the article and describe the current vision statement and the change occurring within the organization.
January 22, 2018
What, if any, practices of corporate social responsibility (CSR) do they exhibit? Is there a factor of showing it in any online marketing strategy?
January 22, 2018

How does nuclear energy help address climate change?

There is a link below watch it and write 1 page summary that can answer the questions below

The PBS NOVA Nuclear Option Documentary steps through a bit of history and current status of the nuclear industry in the U.S. Provide approximately 1-2 page summary of the NOVA documentary addressing its perspective on:

· (5pts) How does nuclear energy help address climate change?

· (5pts) What are the primary objections to nuclear energy and what contributes to a negative public perception?

· (5pts) What are some challenges of cleaning up after the Fukushima disaster?

· (5pts) What is the primary ‘vulnerability’ of older water-cooled plants like Fukushima?

· (5pts) How did water-cooled reactors become the standard for U.S. commercial energy production, which led to a ‘building binge’ of reactors?

· (5pts) What changed the ‘equation’ for nuclear energy in the U.S. the 1970’s that contributed to its slowing?

· (5pts) What exciting changes are leading to new ‘Generation 4’ reactors?

· (5pts) Describe two new startups discussed (name and advanced/unique feature)


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