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June 21, 2017
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Planning a "Informational Report'

Planning a “Informational Report’ on any related topic to business and technology.
Here are some few topics:

  • How businesses are using social media to improve customer service
  • Common arguments for and against the idea that humans are the primary cause of global warming
  • Voice and data communication options for a Canadian sales team who will be based in Europe for two months

Develop a informational report work plan: Be sure to include
1. Statement of the problem
2. Statement of purpose
3. Scope of work
4.Discussions of tasks needed to complete the report
5.Soruces of information
6. Preliminary informative (talking) outline, using full sentences and proper hierarchy
This is the marking guide for the assignment:

Planning (5 marks)

A complete report work plan includes: a statement of the problem (if appropriate for your topic), a statement of purpose, a description of the scope of work, a discussion of the tasks needed to complete the report, a list of possible sources of information, task assignments, and a schedule.

  • All the elements are present, clear, specific, and detailed. Another team could use this work plan to continue the project.


Outline (3 marks)
  • A report based on this outline would explore the topic fully. The major points and subpoints are organized logically. The outline is formatted consistently as an informative (talking) outline, following either the question or summary format.

Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting (1 mark)

  • The work plan uses correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting.

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