Does preclearance violate the Tenth Amendment and give the federal government too much power, or is it a necessary check on the states to make sure that minorities are not discriminated against?
January 20, 2018
strategic plan for your place of employment or a company
January 20, 2018

Political, Economic, Legal, and Technological Environment

Short Essay 1 Instructions


Political, Economic, Legal, and Technological Environment, or
Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainability

You should submit the following:

Choose one topic among the topic for the specific week.
Search for a recent article (within 6 months) related to the topic of the week in an online business newspaper or business magazine of your choice (e.g., Fortune, Inc., Business Week, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Money, etc.).
Submit the following, in a word document, using Turnitin tool (submission via email or message will not be accepted):
A summary of the article (150-250 words)
How the article relates to the topic selected (100-150 words)
The link to the article
Attach a PDF copy of the original article

Please submit your Essay to the dropbox below via TurnItIn.


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