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December 31, 2017
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December 31, 2017

potential barriers to effective strategic planning in the health care environment

Based on your readings, research, and personal knowledge, what do you see as potential barriers to effective strategic planning in the health care environment?

At the time of preparing to write a strategic plan, it can be a challenging task. It may not be for the reason that the plan is a bad plan but there could be other reasons in which there are other things standing in the way for the plan to be a successful plan.

Following are only a couple of hurdles when it comes to the drawing up of a strategic plan:

  1. People that are associated with planning the strategic plan.

Many times, obstacles come about because many people cannot see things in the same manner as others.

  1. Restrained deliberations

This would be considered as the management having trouble talking issues with the other management teams.

Following are a couple of the hurdles that could be found for the implementation of a strategic plan:

  1. Authority and control

Some people that are known to have positions at the top of an organization they might possibly feel intimidated to the point of causing plans to fail.

  1. Unproductive directions towards the workers

Many times, leaders are unsuccessful to provide productive education and directions in order for the workers to be adequately capable of doing the tasks at hand (Latif, Gohar, Hussain, and Kashif, n.d.).


Latif, B., Gohar, F., Hussain, A., and Kashif, M. (n.d.). Barriers to Effective Strategic Planning. Retrieved from


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