August 4, 2022

program-budget for waste management services.

Need an research paper on program-budget for waste management services. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. The mission of the waste recycling unit is to be the leader in reducing the amount of waste that is disposed of in our landfill and other waste disposal facilities and to ensure that the environmental effects of waste disposal, treatment and storage are minimized.
The mission of the waste treatment unit is to treat hazardous industrial and chemical waste in a way that is not harmful to the environment and in accordance with regulations. The waste treatment unit also seeks to ensure that employees are properly trained and compensated to carry out their functions efficiently and effectively.
The mission of the waste disposal unit is to be a leader in ensuring the safe disposal of solid and liquid industrial and domestic waste in such a way that all environmental laws and regulations are adhered to.

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The budget for the three service units is presented in a tabular format below in the Appendix. It shows the amount spent on employing people to carry out the duties mentioned. The budget shows that of the total projected expenditure of $1,922,000 budgeted, 23.52% will be spent on waste recycling service, 29.04% on waste treatment service and 47.44% on waste disposal service.
In order to ensure quality service, it is important to have measures for assessing performance. In assessing performance measures for each service, it is necessary to consider the achievement of their goals. Therefore, the measures will be based on measurable goals and objectives. Performance measures for each department are as follows.
The measurable goals of the recycling unit are to realize a profit margin of 40% and to increase revenue by 20% per year. These measures will determine if the service unit has achieved its measurable goals. Repeat customers can also be used to determine service quality as well as prompt requests for service. The achievement of the unit’s vision of reducing GHG’s from recyclable waste is possible.
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