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December 31, 2017
describe a potential mediator and moderator that could apply to each research finding
December 31, 2017

provide a business analysis of the firm you selected.


The vice president of corporate strategy at the headquarters of your selected firm (Ford) has requested that you provide her with a business analysis of your key findings regarding the firm’s level of diversification (product scope), geographical and vertical scope, and the overall fit with the business strategy or strategies (identified in Assessment 1).


In 4–6 pages, provide a business analysis of the firm you selected. Your analysis should do all of the following:

· Analyze the corporate strategy of the selected firm, including product, geographical, and vertical scope in which it operates. Has the firm expanded from its initial product line or field of operation? Does the firm own vertically related activities along the value chain for its products?

· Analyze the firm’s overall corporate structure and key management systems. Does the firm employ any of the following three elements of corporate strategy: diversification, vertical integration, or globalization? Are global alliances an overall part of the corporate strategy?

· Analyze the strategic fit between the business and corporate strategies of the selected firm.

Use clear headings and subheadings to organize the key points of your analysis.

Your report should be clearly written and communicate effectively to organizational leadership; use correct grammar, spelling and mechanics as expected of a business professional. Cite and reference all sources using current APA style. Support your business analysis with at least four academic resources from the attachment or internet.

Research Information
Review the following resources to further your understanding of a selected firm to use in your coursework. Use additional resources from the Internet, your text case studies, or your own research, as needed, for completing the course assessments.

Ford is a complex multinational organization that has recently focused on strategic initiatives to address production capacity, supply chain reliability, sustainability, and technological innovation in order to remain competitive in the rapidly changing automotive industry.

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