Please view the Writing Process media piece section “Inventing Your Ideas, and then share with your classmates two brainstorming techniques that you found helpful. In addition, explain why you found these helpful and how it relates information literacy and the writing process.
January 16, 2018
creating an organized blueprint of your plans for the essay.
January 16, 2018

Reading Strategies and Annotated Reference List Assignment

UNV 104 Week 2 Topic 2 DQ 1


The topic lecture and readings have reviewed the reasons and importance of using online GCU Library resources in your research. Using examples from the Course Materials, explain why it is important to use scholarly, peer reviewed resources retrieved from the online GCU Library vs. a general Internet search. In those instances where you need to do a search on the Internet, what guidelines should you follow? Why?



UNV 104 Week 2 Topic 2 DQ 2


Review the reading strategies on pages 70-73 in the textbook. Apply one of the reading strategies towards one of your articles you chose for your essay in section 4 of your assignment in Topic 1. After reading your article, select a passage of at least three to five sentences that supports your essay topic. Put these sentences into direct quotes and include an in-text citation. Then, paraphrase the quote and include an in-text citation.



UNV 104 Week 2 Reading Strategies and Annotated Reference List Assignment



Using your preferred reading strategy, read through three articles you plan to use as references in your Expository Essay. You will then complete the assignment, which in return, will also help you prepare citations for you to include within your essay.

  1. Review the Topic 2 readings and resources.
  2. Access and complete the “Reading Strategies and Annotated Reference List” assignment.

Submit the completed assignment to the final assignment drop box by the end of Topic 2 (Sunday, by 11:59pm, Arizona Time).



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