Explain, in your own words, the strengths and weaknesses of psychosocial theory.
January 22, 2018
In your own words, please identify two different stock exchanges in the United States. Describe the similarities and differences between the two stock exchanges. Identify one stock from each of the two stock exchanges.
January 22, 2018

Once a record is being created, the Excel file should automatically calculate the total travel expense for this trip and store it in the last column. (0.6 points)

Question 1: Use Product Sales.xlsx to create a macro to sort the product by the total sales (in a decreasing order) and report the results in a new worksheet named “Summary.”

  1. You can use macro recorder to help in programming but do not only use the macro recorder.

  2. In the new worksheet “Summary” the following two columns are required:

a. Product (0.6 points)

b. Total Sales (in decreasing order of total sales) (0.6 points)

  1. The macro should also:

a. Calculate the runtime (0.6 points)

b. Prompt a dialog box showing the time in seconds. The message will be “This macro ran in __ seconds.” (0.6 points)

Bonus: Create a list of charts for the top 50 products and display these charts in another worksheet named “Charts.”) (1.2 points)

Question 2: Use Travel Expenses.xlsx to create a wizard that will guide users through a few steps to enter some information used to calculate travel expenses.

  1. You will create an ActiveX control button on the worksheet (“Sheet1”) to initiate the wizard process. (0.6 points)

  2. The wizard should include the following steps:

a. Step 1: Entering the name (0.6 points)

b. Step 2: The number of miles traveled on the trip (0.6 points)

c. Step 3: The average miles per gallon (MPG) on the trip (0.6 points)

d. Step 4: The average price per gallon paid for gas on the trip (0.6 points)

  1. You should include at least the following controls in each step:

a. A label showing what information a user should enter in this step (0.6 points)

b. A place where the user can enter the information (0.6 points)

c. A “cancel”button (0.6 points)

d. A button to go back to the previous step (0.6 points)

e. A button to go to the next step (0.6 points)

f. A “finish” button (0.6 points)
More requirements for the buttons:

g. By clicking the cancel button, there should be a pop-up window asking the user whether he or she would like to cancel the process:

i. “Yes” cancels the process (0.6 points)

ii. “No” returns to the wizard (0.6 points)

h. A user should not be able to go back in the first step (0.6 points) or go to the next in the last step (0.6 points). If the user clicks the button to go to the next without entering any information, there should be a message box reminding him or her to enter information and not allowing going to the next step (0.6 points).

i. A user can only finish in the last step (0.6 points). By clicking the finish button, there should be a new row in the data range showing all the information just entered. (Note: the column names should not be replaced.) (0.6 points)

  1. Once a record is being created, the Excel file should automatically calculate the total travel expense for this trip and store it in the last column. (0.6 points)

  2. The next time you run the wizard, your utility should create another record in the data range (a new row). It should not replace any records before. (0.6 points)

  3. Users should be able to continue working on the worksheet with the wizard being displayed. (0.6 point


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