You are required to engage in collaborative debate of two academic journal articles with a focus on the research approaches that have been applied and the use of primary and secondary data for sampling, analysis and presentation of data.
March 12, 2020
Product Design and Quality
March 12, 2020

Reflection Writing for Ethical Awareness

Watch the documentary The Bleeding Edge documentary by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering.
Dick, K. (Producer), & Ziering, A. (Producer). (2018) The Bleeding Edge. United States: Netflix.
After watching the documentary and setting the stage for your reflection, identify the medical devices and pieces of equipment present within the documentary that were involved in an ethical situation. For one medical device or piece of medical equipment, complete the remainder of the assignment. Your assignment should be single spaced and 1-2 pages.
Setting the Stage for your Reflection: Describe where you were when you watched the documentary. Also describe any feelings invoked before, during, or after the viewing. As your comfort level allows, document any direct connections you might have with the topic(s) discussed in the documentary.
Recognize the Ethical Issue: Identify the ethical issue around your chosen device/equipment. Specifically, what was the choice, decision, or action that happened?
Get the Facts: What do you recall about the situation? What facts are presented and what facts are missing? Who are the stakeholders and societal groups affected? What options do/did the stakeholders/groups have for action? Clearly label each option so you can refer to it in the next prompt.
Evaluate Alternatives: In considering the options identified in Get the Facts, evaluate these alternative actions by answering the following questions.
Which would produce the most good and do the least harm?
Which option best respects the rights of all who have a stake?
Which option would treat people equally?
Which option best serves the whole community?
Which option leads you to be the sort of medical device employee you’d want to be?

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