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respond for two kinds

respond for two kindswrite a short respond for the two discussions.

File #1
Fist one

The relationship between the mother and daughter is very sacred and the relationship between Jing-Mei and her mother is so much more unique. Because of a devastating loss of her first husband, mother and father, home, and two twin baby girls, Jing-Mei’s mother only wanted her daughter to unveil her fullest potential. So coming into America, she wanted nothing but the best for her daughter. No mother wants to see their child struggle, this explains why the mother was so harsh on her daughter to be “famous” and or a “prodigy.” With this being said, she pushed Jing-Mei into trying various “talents” so that she can become the next prodigy in America. All of these “talents” Jing-Mei’s mother had her do caused her to have a resentment towards her mom. I am not condoning the mother’s behavior but I do understand her intentions.
The humor used in this story by Jing-Mei mainly because this story is a very unfortunate one. For example, when Jing-Mei nicknamed Msr. Chong, “Old Lady Chong.” The author described “Old Lady Chong” as having “…a peculiar smell, like a baby that had done something in its pants, and her fingers felt like a dead person’s, like an old peach I once found in the back of the refrigerator: its skin just slid off the flesh when I picked it up.” This helped lighten up the tone of the story.
The importance of the two song titles, “Pleading Child” and “Child Contended” all tie together to the author’s childhood. “Pleading Child” was a desperate cry to her mom to finally understand her and her feelings. I believe that ”Child Contended” is about Jing-Mei being misunderstood her entire life. In conclusion, I believe that her mom’s gift, the piano, is a peace offering to Jing-Mei and a sign that her mother finally understands what she put her through and her everlasting love for her. The significance of the title “Two Kinds” is what the author explained “Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind.” At the beginning of the story, Jing-Mei made it her goal to be obedient in order please her mom. After reaching her limit, she finally followed her mind and ultimately lived her life the way she wanted to.

Second one

“Two kinds” short story is an important illustration of mother-daughter relationships involving generational differences. Jing-Mei desperately aspires to make a career in singing and dancing. Her mother, on the other hand, is opposed, because she considers her daughter a genius. Suyuan persistently pushes Jing-Mei to make efforts in improving her talents, and this causes a drift between them. The fact that they are immigrants in America makes it hard for them. The mother’s painful past back in China also played a great role in their relationship. Jing-Mei, however, believes that she could still fulfill the American dream. Suyuan expects more from her daughter because she has this belief that Jing-Mei is gifted just like her friends’ kids. She believes that having talent is what is best for her child.

The author has effectively used similes to make the short story humorous. Jin-Mei great sense of humor for a moment distracts the reader from the sad story. When referring to people who come to see her perform, she calls them gawkers. She describes old lady Chong to be as smooth as a baby; the comparison easily puts a smile on the reader.

The song titles’ “Pleading Child” and “Child contended” played a great role in the story. They represent a long journey through childhood. They refer to a balance between parental expectation and youthful ambitions. After Jing-Mei had realized the last part of the song, there was a grasp of the reality of what is expected of her. Suyuan is offering her daughter the piano after so many years of nobody playing it symbolized peace that was being restored in their relationship.

The title deeply illustrates the struggle between mother and daughter. It elaborates the kind of daughters that Suyuan the mother, understands: those that obey and those that follow their paths. Jing-Mei’s lack of talent and her failure to honor Suyuan wishes was a great disappointment.


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