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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Revolutionary Era America

Revolutionary Era America

During the Revolutionary Era, there were many different kinds of people living in and around the thirteen colonies. In lecture and through our readings, we have

learned that various groups had different visions about what the new nation should look like��������about its laws, values, and social customs. Focus on three different

perspectives from our assigned readings from �������Unit I: The Revolution and Establishing Nation, 1766-1824�������. Describe how three different groups/individuals envisioned

America. What were their views How were they similar to or different from the ideas of others What circumstances shaped, defined, and affected their perspectives

about the new nation You must use evidence from at least two of the readings assigned in Unit I. Remember, these are not summaries of the readings, but rather your

analysis of them. Also, be sure to incorporate information from lecture and discussion to support your argument. Link to 1st reading, other two uploaded:


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