June 21, 2017
Describe a reward structure that is different from those discussed in course readings. Do you believe this reward structure was successful? Why or why not? How could it have been more successful? What are the positive and negative aspects of reward structures on the opposite ends of the regulation spectrum?
June 21, 2017

Slime mold revolutionary paper

The revolutionary science we will consider this semester will be a mashup of several ideas: 1) Quantum effects in biological systems, 2) Intelligence in slime moulds, 3) Consciousness, and 4) Anesthesia.  All of these areas independently have large unknown areas and many controversies surrounding current theories but there is some overlap and this is where we may be able to innovate.  There is a recent BBC (February 16, 2017) article (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. about part of the issue that might stimulate some ideas.  Here we should be thinking outside the box but mainly in directions that have some observation or theory that hints at revolutionary promise.
Like most revolutionary science, this project will take more thinking than doing.  After considering the ideas that I will present to you in class you will brainstorm some insightful questions, a unique hypothesis, and design simple but elegant experiment to test it.  You will run the experiment and write a scientific short paper on the subject and a reflection on the process. Simple.  The timeline will depend on your process but you should shoot to have it done in the first 2/3 of the semester to meet the ultimate deadline. You will present and discuss your questions, hypothesis and experimental designs in informal meetings with the professor during class or in office hours.  You should do them 1 at a time so if your questions need refining you have not already wasted time designing your experiments.


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