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December 31, 2017
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Social Psychology response

Principles of Social Psychology, v. 1.0 : Introducing Social Psychology

Original Question:

For this week’s Forum, respond to the following: Based upon your readings this week and upon your own observations, do you believe that there is any positive value to aggression (this can include both reactive and instrumental aggression, as well as relationship-based aggression, such as online bullying)? If you were “king/queen of the world,” would you eliminate all forms of aggression? Why or why not? Can any valuable life lessons be learned through being the victim of aggression, or is all aggression inherently harmful to both aggressor and victim?

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Course Take-aways

The first take away that added to my understanding of social psychology is first impressions and impression management. Manny people do not realize the importance of first impressions in many situations. People are more likely to help a person who made a good impression on them. For example, the stranger who you opened a door for at a restaurant may be a person who hires you for a job in the future. That person will likely characterize you as a polite, well-mannered individual. On the other hand, an individual at a restaurant receives the wrong meal and curses at the waitress. This person may have on-lookers, and judge them based on this negative display of emotion. If this rude individual was a candidate for a job, and the interviewer was in the restaurant, they would probably characterize the individual as rude or disrespectful. The impressions we make on people can impact our opportunities, whether it be positive or negative is up to us. I personally believe if we all treated each other the way we would like to be treated, we would be perceived as nice, respectable individuals.

The second take away from the course is the better understanding I received about group behavior. How an individual conforms to a particular group can be very interesting. Even if a person does not believe in the values of the group, they still want to be a part of it. I think this is a very interesting social problem. Conformity can be a good/positive thing, but it can also be a negative thing. I personally do not feel the need to “fit in” with society. I personally believe today’s society and youth are more focused on drugs, alcohol, and materialistic things. I value things such as my family, I like to give to those in need, and I help whenever I can. Today’s society is mostly based on negative behavior, it condones violence, and sends the wrong message to the youth. Group norms in some places consists of drugs, alcohol, fast living, and crime. These behaviors are acceptable in many groups, and positive behavior is frowned upon. Members of a positive group may also frown upon the values of a negative group.

The third takeaway from the course is my understanding of what social psychology really is. Social psychology studies: group behavior, attitude formation, and society’s effect on certain situations. I think that it is easier to understand trends, group behavior, whether it’s negative or positive using the topics discussed in social psychology. Good luck everyone with future classes and Happy Holiday and have a Happy New Year!


Good Day All,

Three things that I have truly taken away from this class is impression management, how conformity shapes our lives, and how to distinguish the difference between like and love. What I have learned about impression management is that it is the way that people try to get other people to perceive you. So in other words if someone sees you as one way then they are going to try to get everyone else to see you in that same way. This is what takes place during bullying. Most of the time a person that is insecure within themselves begin to pick on someone that may be different from them or smaller than them and they try to knock that person’s confident with name calling and even physical harm. Bullies do all of this as a way to get other people to view the individual that they do not like in the same manner. The reason that impression management stood out so much to me is not only because of the bullying scenario, but because we really do not understand what type of impact our outer appearance and facial expressions could make on someone. So like the saying goes people should always, “put their best face forward.” This means that you should always represent yourself in a positive light.

The second take-away that I have is conformity. Whether we like it or not we all experience conformity in some type of way. There are rules and laws that guide many of our life decisions. Although we may live in the land of the free, there are boundaries to that freedom. We cannot go about the world committing crimes as we please. Every working citizen must pay taxes and even our jobs tell us what we can and cannot do sometimes. Now I never realized it until I took this class, but my entire existence is based off of some type of conformity, however this is not only my life but the lives of millions of people who lived this way and that’s okay. Of course, there are days where I do not want to conform, but in the end what most people need to realize is that conformity keeps us safe.

Week six taught me something that I didn’t even know I didn’t know and that is the difference between love and like. Many people spend their lives searching for love to the point where they will settle for like just to not be lonely. If I had taken this class prior to getting married I would have definitely postponed my wedding and not gotten married so quickly. I loved my wife very much, but I can honestly say that I was not in love when we got married. The way I feel about her now is nowhere near what I felt for her then. What I learned this week is that love takes time to develop and the mistake that many people make is not giving themselves the time that is needed for love to properly develop.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors!



Professor Corriveau

Social Psychology is a great field in psychology. It has helped me to better understand people, and why they behave, and do some of the things that they do. Cognitive dissonance was an interesting area of study for me. It helped me to understand attitude, and how most attitude, be it positive or negative is shaped by society, and our environment. But, that it can be changed, especially when it does not line up with our beliefs. Our section that we studied on like and love was interesting, and helped me see the steps that it takes to get to love. One has to initially start out in the “like” stage, and it can be developed, in time, into love.

Aggression is another area that made me think. Whether aggression can be good. If aggression can be applied in a positive manner. I have given this area much thought, and I was watching a sports game, basketball, and seen various aggressive manners, and actions in the game. My family and I talked about it, and most of them felt that some aggression is needed when playing sports. I’m still thinking about this….and in this week’s lesson we talked about prejudice, and bias, and some of the ways that it is used. I have a better understanding of what social psychology is, how it is used, and how it applies to society. Social psychology studies the behavior of people and groups, how various attitudes are formed in society and in situations. What influences these behaviors. It also examines the way we perceive ourselves in relation to the world, and that the opinions of others affect our behavior and how we view ourselves. Social Psychologists are interested in all aspects of interpersonal relationships and the way that the science of psychology can improve these relationships.

Thanks Professor for sharing your knowledge with us; and the best to everyone in this class. Happy New Year!


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