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summarizes the use of the following new product development method

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Chapter 3 – Assignment

Best Bicycles Problem

Best’s Bicycles manufactures three different types of bikes: the Tiny Tike, the Adult Aero, and the Mountain Monger. Given the information in the table, calculate the required capacity for this year’s production. Note that the times are given for assembly lines, so capacity calculations should be in terms of the number of lines necessary. Assume that Best Bicycles operates three shifts, each with 2,000 hours per year.




a. Determine the total setup time

b. Determine the total operating time available

c. Determine the number of assembly lines


1 Complete the problem attached above regarding Best’s Bicycles Problem ( Due Day 7 – See grading rubrics)

2 Write a 2 page paper that summarizes the use of the following new product development method (using memo or APA format – use 2 external references):

Stage-Gate Process


Review the Stage-Gate process on pages 122-123, then research at least 2 professional or peer-reviewed sources that provide an example of the development and commercialization of an innovative new product (example the Tesla auto in 2002).

  1. Product and Service Process Matrixes

Research the Product and Service Matrixes on pages 144 and 150, then research and write a 2 page paper (using APA format, excludes title and reference pages) that compares and contrasts the matrixes (at least 2 sources required)


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