Discuss-government involvement in Healthcare
January 3, 2018
Do you think that Diversity Visas are necessary? Are the criteria set for the diversity visas fair? What changes, if any would you make to this category of visa?
January 3, 2018

Task: Employee Relations – Disciplinary Process

Task: Employee Relations – Disciplinary Process

Assume you are in charge of creating a training program for supervisors in administering discipline in the organization

Prepare an 800 minimum word paper that focuses on the major principles of disciplinary action you would stress in this session.

Explain the significance of each principle and how it relates to management

Create a “5” slide Microsoft Power Point presentation to highlight/summarize the principles from your paper above.

Use APA in ppt if you are using references inside the paper – title page and references pages are not part of the “5” ppt slides. – no talking points needed, graphics and presentation are key

Use a “two” different references; title/references pages do not count toward paper’s word assignment


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