Accepting an unsuitable practice because doing so follows an accepted way of doing things. A. Categorical Proposition B. Irrelevant Reason
June 16, 2018
Select ONE character from Murder on the Orient Express Read several different passages throughout the book that this particular character is in and determine the complexity, emotions and different sides of that character.
June 16, 2018

The proposal / research outline: Your proposal should provide three things: List the specific genre you have chosen which is:

The proposal / research outline:
Your proposal should provide three things:
List the specific genre you have chosen which is:
B. Literature Review. Write about a farm-related issue and show where the issue sits currently, using a minimum of 10 sources / authors. ( Literature Review. Study the conversation surrounding your chosen topic and explain to the reader the current views on a topic from a variety of sources. This choice requires a minimum of ten sources and ten to twelve written pages, not counting the name block and Works Cited page)
2. Why you chose this particular project. Why is this the perfect project for YOU?
3. How will this project contribute to your understanding of the farm in literature and agriculture?
I recommend you use the stasis theory found at https:( // ) to create a brief research outline for a literature analysis paper or fieldwork.
For a literature review, you should create a research outline that begins with the following:
Topic introduction
Major questions and/or debates about the topic
Major commentary (Authors or major articles on the topic you know about)
Areas for further inquiry
Remember that outlines are dynamic. I expect them to change over time as you conduct your farm research and narrow your thesis.

you will be graded on:

Displays solid research including credible traditional and electronic sources. Provides in-depth study and understanding of those sources and their themes through history, civilization(s) and culture(s).

Your work thoroughly analyzes a very narrow topic related to farm with an explication connecting it to specific examples of literature in the humanities (written, art, film, textiles, folklore practices and material culture) that focuses on agriculture. Develops complex ideas that go beyond surface reading.

Assignment connects your own thoughts about farm literature with at least two specific required readings from the course by comparing, contrasting, and analyzing texts with primary and secondary sources you discovered, demonstrating understanding and awareness (cultural literacy) of American society through the lens of agriculture.

Paper articulates your thoughts and knowledge through a solid thesis with supporting topic sentences in paragraphs that are well-developed, use proper grammar, and employ terms common in the agricultural disciplines.
Visual Imagery. Illustrate a point in your work that may not be adequately portrayed by words. Caption included and source cited.


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