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June 15, 2016
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This Man's PhD Hasn't Kept Him Off Food Stamps Or The Unemployment Line

Chronicle of Higher Education
Tony Yang is getting beaten to a pulp.
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He’s not wanted by mobsters nor is he another Cybercrime bully. The former University of California doctoral student (c/o ’09) says that’s what it feels like each quarter when he wraps up an adjunct teaching gig and goes home without a permanent job offer.
“It can be very tough on the pysche,” he told the Chronicle of Higher Education
. “The darkest moment had to be when I finished my dissertation. I turned it in and there (was) no job … So when I graduated, the first thing I had to do was file for unemployment.”
As a kid, his family supplemented their income with food stamps.
Decades later, he found himself in the same position, applying for welfare to get by when his doctoral degree wasn’t enough to bring home a steady paycheck.
After the recession took hold in 2007, the rate of PhD holders who’ve filed for government assistance more than tripled to 33,655 by 2010, according to data
collected by Austin Nichols, a senior researcher with the Chronicle’s Urban Institute
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