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Topic: a review of academic literature related to the impacts of tourism

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You are required to complete a review of academic literature related to the impacts of tourism and your case study location.

Locate, summarise and evaluate ve (5) academic journal articles (published between 2000 and 2015) which can be related to positive or negative impacts of tourism and your case study location (see Question 5 of instructions for Assessment 3).
Your literature review should be presented as follows:
• Provide a heading for each academic source with full bibliographic details arranged in alphabetical order, following the Harvard format.
• Provide a brief description of the contents of each source and a critical analysis of each source in addressing Question 5 (Assessment 3).
• Provide a statement on the merit of each source to the case study location (Assessment 3). What is the article about What are key debates/ideas in the article How do key debates relate to case study location What are implications from applying key debates to positive or negative tourism impacts at the location
Note: Readings or your text for this unit cannot be used as academic sources for this assessment.
Q5 of Assignment3

5. Identify and critically analyse the negative and positive impacts of tourism activity on the host community at the location.


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