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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

tourism from a social and cultural perspective

AssessmentAssessment 1: Review (2000 words)
VALUE: 30%
The first assessment is a review of a journal article. A detailed critical review of an appropriate journal article, 2000 words. You must choose a relevant journal article (must be relevant to tourism).
-what it tells you on the journal
-what you agree and disagree

Assessment 2: Essay (4000 words)
VALUE: 70%
Choose one of the three basic topics below covered in class and analyse it within a particular empirical context.
1- How can we understand tourism from a social and cultural perspective
2- How do the three basic traditions of tourism – the sightseer, the vacationer and the festival goer – compare
3- What sort of places tourism generates
In the essay you should demonstrate understanding of key concepts in tourism as well as an ability to make connections between tourism theories and practices.
You will be given credit for the relevance and elegance of the argument, the originality the topic, for citing relevant references (including theories and concepts) and for engaging with academic debates. Credit will also be given for a clearly structured answer, for demonstrating analytical powers, and for original or imaginative thinking. You should use a minimum of 10 academic references.


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