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UML Assignment 2015-2016

As described in the module guide, the assignment counts 20% of the final mark. Your submission will consist of both group and individual elements of work. Groups can consist of up to four (4) students, but no less than three (3). The submitted work must be your own. Plagiarism will be penalised according to the University regulations.

Your group is responsible for the analysis and design of the “Friendbook” website, an online social network service (e.g. similar to Facebook or Google+). It was agreed that you will use an Object-Oriented approach to the problem. Therefore, you will use UML as the modelling language and the Unified Process as the software development process.
During the inception phase, the vision of the project was defined among your development team and the stakeholders:

“Friendbook will be an online social networking, i.e. it will provide an online platform for communicate with their friends. Once someone is registered to Friendbook, he/she will be able to edit his profile, invite other members to become “friends”, upload photos, post messages and so on. Friendbook should provide similar functionality comparing to other sites (e.g. Facebook, Google+, etc).

Your team has to go through the elaboration phase and the analysis and design steps of the construction phase and deliver artefacts which correspond to different stages of the Unified Process.
Work submitted late but within a week of the deadline will be capped at 40% and receive a grade of LP (Late Pass) unless it is not of a passing standard in which case it will receive a grade of LF (Late Fail). Work submitted beyond a week of the deadline without approval will get 0% with a grade of F0.
If, however, you have a serious problem which prevents you from meeting the deadline you may be able to negotiate an extension in advance. In the first instance you should contact the SEC Student Support Team (SST). However any extension will need to be formally agreed by your Module Leader who will liaise with the SST to confirm and agree a new hand in date. Your work will then be marked without penalty.
When a major element of assessment (such as this UML assignment) is not submitted, it will be counted as an attempt and marked as 0% with a grade of F0. The overall module result will be capped at 40% (D-).On the first page of their submission, the names and the k-numbers of the members of the group must be printed. Then, you need to include an index of the deliverables of your group.
Submission from groups of five (5) or more students will be marked as 0% with a grade of F0. Submissions from groups of two (2) or less will be penalised by reducing 20% of the marks of group deliverables (1, 2 and 5), unless the Module Leader formally approves such a submission PRIOR to the deadline.

Submission instructions:
Each group must submit an electronic copy of their submission in word format to Studyspace by 23:59, Friday 18th April 2016. ALL work received after this time will be considered LATE. On the first page of their submission, the names and the k-numbers of the members of the group must be displayed. Then, you need to include an index of the deliverables of your group.
Diagrams must be produced using a UML computer tool, like StarUML. If a diagram cannot fit on an A4-page, split it appropriately to more than one pages, according to the UML notation. Diagrams must be clear and easy to read.
Each deliverable must be labelled on the top. If it is the result of individual work, the name and the k-number of the student must appear too for each deliverable.


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