PSYC305 – Communication & Power – Its Use and Misuse Discussion Essay Assignment Papers
August 14, 2018
Discuss the quality performance of the nursing home as evident by its most recent health care inspection (e.g., deficiencies, citations, financial penalties, etc.). This can be accomplished by thoroughly reading the nursing home’s statement of deficiencies and plan of action to correct quality deficiencies (CM Form 2567).
August 14, 2018

Using the Medicare Nursing Home Compare website, research one nursing home that has a reported customer complaint

commentary, interview-style, news reporting, etc.). ○ The use of first person is permitted for this Assignment (excluding option 1). APA formatting (e.g., title page, conclusion, reference page, etc.) should not be used. ● Although the use of APA formatting is not required for this Assignment, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected. Karlan University School*You can select any nursing home published on the Medicare Hospital Compare website. To narrow your selection, consider researching nursing homes in your community, previous places of residence, employers, competitors, or even a nursing home you would like to network with someday. References:
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