Discuss at least one additional indicator that would be important for a nurse leader to monitor on a regular basis to drive outcomes as part of the performance data scorecard.
August 8, 2018
Joint Commission resource found in topic materials,
August 8, 2018

Week 2 DB nursing-SR

250 words must have in text citations and references must match them.
Review the Rating System for the Hierarchy of Evidence for Intervention/Treatment Questions (see below link)
Review and become knowledgeable about the hierarchy of research logistics. The lowest to highest ranking order of the evidence/research.
Select two different peer-reviewed nursing research articles.
Identify and summarize the levels of evidence/research presented in selected articles (i.e. Students selected articles).
Discuss how an advanced practice nurse critically evaluates evidence/research through either a quantitative methodology – e.g. ANOVA Pair t Test or (Logistic/Multiple) Regession; OR a qualitative methodology – e.g. validity reliability and applicability in practice.
Include each selected article’s reference information in the initial discussion post (i.e. APA format required).


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