Choose one of the six (6) ANA Standards of Practice and describe how the practice of an RN is different from your current role in healthcare
August 13, 2018
describe the process of community assessment and explain your assessment of the community of choice.
August 13, 2018

What is your understanding of pathophysiology as it applies to your current RN practice?

You are to prepare reflection in action notes in which you address what you have learned each week that you will take forward as an Advance Practice Nurse. Entries are to be made weekly and submitted via the Reflection in Action/Study Guide Assignment Dropbox. Directions: Each Entry should be at least one page in length and are due on Sunday at the end of each week. Entries should consist of a 1-page entry regarding this week’s topic.  Discuss the topic in terms of
  • How the content and assignments met the course objective(s).
  • Summarize the key learning points you experienced for the week.
  • Your understanding of pathophysiology as it applies to your current RN practice.
  • Struggles or successes that you had for the week in terms of the course content.  This is meant to be a reflection on the course content, and less of a reflection on your feelings.
Week 8 entry should address the above and contain a summary of your experience in terms of application during your transition to the role of APRN


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