Complete the following Form W-2 for Louise Chugach from Philcon Corporation. b. Philcon Corporation also paid $900 to Ralph Kincaid for presenting a management seminar. Ralph lives at 1455 Raspberry Road, Anchorage AK 99508, and his Social Security number is 475-45-3226
January 3, 2018
f the residence was acquired in 1986, and its adjusted basis is $75,000, calculate the amount and nature of the taxable gain on the sale (assuming he does not purchase a new residence
January 3, 2018

How will this change in policy affect accounts receivable?

Finance Basics

Essence of Skunk Fragrances, Ltd., sells 5,000 units of its perfume collection each year at a price per unit of $380. All sales are on credit with terms of 1/10, net 30. The discount is taken by 35% of the customers. What is the amount of the company’s accounts receivable? In reaction to sales by its main competitor, sewage spray, Essence of Skunk is considering a change in its credit policy to terms 3/10, net 30 to preserve its market share. How will this change in policy affect accounts receivable?


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