Planning a "Informational Report'
June 21, 2017
Write Journal Article on The Biology of HIV, the Path from HIV to AIDS.
June 21, 2017

Write a draft about issues in global supply chain management

Rough draft about issues in global supply chain management
the issues in :
1. Innovation:
· Supply chain operators are grappling with labor challenges. Getting sufficient workers with the right set of skills is proving to be difficult. As a result, more of the process is being automated with a higher reliance on information technology.
2. The role of transportation:
· Global business relies on efficient means of transportation. The exact method of transport depends on the business model. Many of the leading companies use multiple methods, such as air, road and sea. And most of the shipment takes many several days to be delivered.
3. Harmful government policies:
· All of the logistics operators spoke warmly of specific measures taken by some countries to speed up the processing of goods.
· But some countries have implemented policies that make it difficult for companies to locate inventory domestically.
· Other rules can make it hard for firms to operate in value chains. For example, lead firms may start operating in a market as a joint venture. If the business is successful, the lead firm may decide to take over the business from the joint venture partner.


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