Describe one way in which global warming is considered a "postive feeback system"
June 21, 2017
List four conditions that facilitate the precipitation
June 21, 2017

Write a paper about organ transplantation

Write a paper about “Organ Transplantation” Identify the issue, discuss and all relevant considerations to the individual and society. APA format with a minimum of 3 references included.
Bioethics Topic
• Organ Transplantation: Which of several matched donors should receive a particular organ?
These some references about the topic
In addition, there are several case-based scenarios with discussions. Links to additional readings and related websites are included at the end of topic.
• Advance Care Planning
• Advance Directives
• Breaking Bad News
• Complementary Medicine
• Confidentiality
• with an Emphasis in Pediatrics
• Do Not Resuscitate Orders
• during Anesthesia and Urgent Procedures
• End-of-Life Issues
• Ethics Committees and Consultation
• Futility
• HIV and AIDS
• Informed Consent
• in the Operating Room
• Interdisciplinary Team Issues
• Law and Medical Ethics
• Maternal / Fetal Conflict
• Mistakes
• Neonatal ICU Issues
• Parental Decision Making
• Physician Aid-in-Dying
• Physician-Patient Relationship
• Professionalism
• Public Health Ethics
• Research Ethics
• Resource Allocation
• Spirituality and Medicine
• Student Issues
• Termination of Life-Sustaining Treatment
• Truth-telling and Withholding Information
FurtherBioethics Resources
• Bioethics Related Websites
• Readings by Topic
• Related Websites by Topic
• Professional Societies & Organizations


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