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June 21, 2017
ECON 202 – For a firm that has passed the point where the law
June 21, 2017

Write a paper discussing about Germany and its culture

Write a paper discussing about Germany and its culture, business, what the country is known for. discuss business aspects. talk about Hofstede’s dimensions of culture (individualism-collectivism; uncertainty avoidance; power distance (strength of social hierarchy) and masculinity-femininity (task orientation versus person-orientation).

  •  introduce your country which is Germany
  • population
  • location-size-area
  • language
  • geograpghy
  • comand control/open economy
  • etc..


  • Geert Hofstede dimensions of culture
  • give examples
  • discuss business firms/corporations
  • how business is operarated and conducted


  • summary over all


  • MLA Format with Work Cited page (using journals, articles,etc)
  • 12 font Times New Roman
  • Double Space
  • 5-6 pages.



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