Create present day ideas of human rights
June 21, 2017
Write reasrch paper on washington monument in washington dc
June 21, 2017

Write analysis paper on ife head brass statue from nigeria

Please write a critical analysis paper on “Ife Head Brass Statue, from Nigeria”, addressing TWO of the following points:
• How do we, today, understand the meaning of your object? Do we need to understand its intended meaning to value it?
• How does it measure our common humanity? Or how does it illustrate our differences?
• What does this work tell us about the role of the artist or maker in society?
• What is the significance of trade, travel and migration in the making of your object and in its reception? How do these factors affect its meaning and value?
• How does your visual object advance ideas of power?
• Discuss ideas of representation (abstraction, naturalism, realism)in the understanding of your object? How did these choices address or reflect larger cultural traditions?
• What questions would an art historian ask about this object? What questions would an anthropologist or an archaeologist ask of it?
• What are the politics surrounding the collection and display of your object?
• Are we to consider this object an artwork or an artefact and why?


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