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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Writing Self-Assessment

Writing Self-Assessment

Guided Response: Review your classmates’ posts and write a minimum 150-word response to at least two of them. Suggest two or three resources that your classmates may utilize to help build their writing/research/APA citing skills, websites, tools, or other techniques you use that could help them prepare their written assignments.

BY: Jacqueline Lemons
The skill that I would most like to improve is citation and documentation. I picked this particular skill because I have consistently struggled with it during my time as an Ashford student. I work with adult learners, and I completely understand their frustrations with being required to master in-text citations and references. As a student, I spend more time gathering references and formulating in text citations than I do expanding my own thoughts and theories for assignments. I can imagine that the adult learners that I work with feel similarly.
The Ashford writing resource that is the most helpful to me is the “Common APA and Reference List Models” document that I’ve downloaded and saved onto my computer. I would like to one day not need the document, but it has so far helped me to formulate references and citations in all of my assignments. The document is helpful for two reasons. One reason is that it includes many reference types in one place, which saves me from having to search for a specific one. The other reason is that it shows an example of the appropriate formatting for each reference, instead of describing it. It’s easier for me, as a visual learner, to see an example.
This particular skill will help me in this course and during my time at Ashford because all assignments, posts, and projects require correct APA style formatting. I cannot pass this class or any other class without demonstrating an understanding of APA style citations and references.
I do not think that this skill will help me as a future professional, because I do not plan to professionally publish any written works. Despite this, I do understand that references and citations in professional written works are necessary to avoid plagiarism and to give credit to those who have contributed to an author’s thoughts.
BY:Jamie Reid
Why did you pick that particular writing skill Is it a skill you have struggled with in the past Explain your choice.
The writing skill that I chose that I would like to work on more would have to be APA formatting. Over the years I have been able to understand APA format and use it in a paper, but for some reason I am still having certain issues when constructing a paper and where certain things go.
Which resource(s) was/were the most helpful, and why Give 2-3 reasons.
The resource that was most helpful was the APA style guide. The two reasons for this was because it was able to show me the APA format guideline as well as how to place the intext citation. Both of these I was aware of, but now feel as though I am able to properly place the information into a paper.
How do you anticipate that this particular skill can help you in this course and during your time at Ashford
In every class I have been in since beginning Ashford, I have had many papers to complete. In every assignment, it is required to use APA format. What I learn in this class will help me be able to use it in my future classes.


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